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Hey you! Do you think that when a man and a woman do the exact same job, they should get the same wage? Do sexist remarks upset or annoy you? And do you think sexism affects men as well? 

Guess what, you're a feminist! No, don't be offended, be proud! Feminism has gotten such a bad name nowadays. So many people believe that gender equality is already achieved (though many things prove it hasn't) and feel like feminists are just people who like to complain a lot, and make women seem like victims when they aren't. People are actually embarrassed to call themselves feminist. It might make others think they are lesbian, man-hating, hairy angry bitches. Mind you, some might be lesbian or hairy and that's okay too, but it's not the definition of a feminist. A feminist is someone who stands up for gender equality. Are feminists angry bitches? Not necessarily, but even if some are, would that be so difficult to understand? See, the thing is that throughout history and up until today, there is a lot to be angry about. 

If you are interested in feminism and live in Leuven, you should definitely join The KU Leuven Feminist Society! We get together every week to discuss a wide variety of topics and will try to make a change together, starting with Leuven! Don't be shy, everyone is welcome. Even if you're not sure whether you actually are a feminist, you can also just come over and listen to what people have to say. A lot of great ideas are shared, and it's really interesting to hear everyone's opinion! 

If you are interested in learning a little bit about feminist history, here's a great crash course for you:

Also, to Chloƫ, Nelle and Lai-Yan, here's a little thank you for being so social and posting comments!

Big sis, I give you this awesome picture of the Power Rangers, and this link where you can find out where the original actors are now! The yellow ranger actually died, that made me so sad!! 

And for Nelle I have this cute piece of Princess Bride art, since I found out you like it!

Lai-Yan, I couldn't help myself (it's SO cute), this very happy bunny is for you:

✎ Jade

1 opmerking:

  1. R.I.P. Trini, makes me sad.
    And Billy looks like the guy who does all the Futurama voices who, omg, is also called Billy!
    Coincidence? (Is joincidence with a J)


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